Comic Pulls – October 29, 2014

The latest news + New Comic Pulls!

29th Oct
Comic Pull

Episode 125 – Chris Kluwe’s Cursing Classes

Curtis & Boet review a new game called SpeakEasy! It's on Kickstarter now, so check it out here ( The guys also saw JOHN WICK and have a spoiler free review for everyone. Finally, the guys end with a discussion of GamerGate and the differences between how they reacted to Chris Kluwe's Article ( and Felicia Day's blog (

26th Oct
Episode 125

Comic Pulls – October 22, 2014

Comic pulls and an update on the Clinically Inane world

22nd Oct
Comic Pull

Episode 124 – Beerless in Seattle

The guys talk Geek Girl Con, the Percy Harvin trade on the Seahawks, a flood of beer, and why Curtis is no longer drinking beer.

19th Oct
Episode 124-1

Comic Pulls – October 15, 2014

The goings on at Clinically Inane and this week's Comic Pulls

15th Oct
Comic Pull

Episode 123 – Gilmore Guys

In which Curtis & Boet sit down with their friend Melissa to discuss Geek Girl Con, Pirate Ships, Tesla cars, and different TV shows (also why Curtis loves Gilmore Girls).

12th Oct
Episode 123