Episode 115 – LIVE with Clayton Weller

The LIVE SHOW from August 15, 2014 in which Curtis & Boet talk with Clayton Weller of The Pocket Theater! More info on The Pocket at ThePocket.org

17th Aug
Episode 115

Comic Pulls – August 13, 2014

Lots of books this week!

13th Aug
Comic Pull

Episode 114 – Heroes in a Half-Plot

Curtis & Boet discuss their experience with GISHWHES, and then go into a mildly spoilerific review of the new TMNT flick. LIVE SHOW: bit.ly/CLINANE

10th Aug

Comic Pulls – August 6, 2014

Quick update this week. Guys are in the middle of GISHWHES, so they're a bit busy.

06th Aug
Comic Pull

Eatables – Fish Fingers and Custard Cupcakes

What better way to welcome Doctor Who back than fish fingers and custard. Geronimo!

05th Aug

Episode 113 – Out of Mana

Curtis & Boet are joined by Collin to discuss Curtis' time down at SDCC, Boet's "Security" job, a SPOILER-FREE review of Guardians of the Galaxy, and more. LIVE SHOW on AUGUST 15 at 7pm: http://bit.ly/CLINANE

03rd Aug