Episode 119 – Find Your Destiny

This week Curtis & Boet talk about getting in better shape, how amazing Destiny is, and how excited Curtis is to see TUSK next week. Espionage Cosmetics Kickstarter - espionagecosmetics.com/kickstarter

14th Sep
Episode 119-2

Comic Pulls – September 10, 2014

More BumberPhotos and Comic Pulls!

10th Sep
Comic Pull

Episode 118 – Of Bears & Popes

The guys are back from Bumbershoot! They discuss Best of Show and some other fun occurrences at Bumbershoot. Then Curtis gets angry at Guitar Center. There's also news about Espionage Cosmetics (espionagecosmetics.com/Kickstarter), and finally the guys discuss the Pope shitting in the woods.

07th Sep

Comic Pulls – September 3, 2014

Photos from Bumbershoot! Check them out AND this week's comic pulls!

03rd Sep
Comic Pull

Eatables – Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies that won't make you really fat and actually taste good!

02nd Sep

Episode 117 – Bumbersode

The guys are at Bumbershoot! They sit down to discuss what they're most excited for as well as some of the happenings of the last week, including information on the upcoming Espionage Cosmetics Kickstarter!

31st Aug
Episode 117