Episode 117 – Bumbersode

The guys are at Bumbershoot! They sit down to discuss what they're most excited for as well as some of the happenings of the last week, including information on the upcoming Espionage Cosmetics Kickstarter!

31st Aug
Episode 117

Comic Pulls – August 27, 2014

Bumbershoot this weekend! Also Comics!

27th Aug
Comic Pull

Drinkables – Shinegria

Cause a little 'shine makes everything better.

26th Aug
2014-07-15 09.11.36

Episode 116 – Don’t Be A D*ck

In which our heroes attempt to discuss the goings-on of the world and how to deal with them in a social media-obsessed culture. Fair warning: This episode contains talk of Robin Williams' death, the shooting in Ferguson (and the backlash), the issues with ISIS in the Middle East, slacktivists, and more.

24th Aug
Episode 116

Comic Pulls – August 20, 2014

Check out some of our GISHWHES entires + This week's Comic Pulls!

20th Aug
Comic Pull

Episode 115 – LIVE with Clayton Weller

The LIVE SHOW from August 15, 2014 in which Curtis & Boet talk with Clayton Weller of The Pocket Theater! More info on The Pocket at ThePocket.org

17th Aug
Episode 115