Comic Pulls – July 23, 2014

Curtis is at SDCC, but there's still comics! What are you excited for this week?

23rd Jul
Comic Pull

Episode 111 – The Carlton Complex

ALL OF WASHINGTON IS ON FIRE! Help out here - The guys discuss the fires, the new Thor and new Captain America, the Beatles, and some more basic nerd news.

20th Jul
Episode 111-01

Comic Pulls – July 16, 2014

Big news from Marvel this week!

16th Jul
Comic Pull

Episode 110 – Slacktivism

Curtis & Boet sit down to discuss the culture of Slacktivism amongst Facebook users, some nerd news, and the various local events taking place this summer.

13th Jul
Episode 110-02

Comic Pulls – July 9, 2014

The word Dick is said 5 times, but not one of them is in a joke.

09th Jul
Comic Pull

Episode 109 – Planting Wood

Curtis & Boet are joined by their friend Collin to discuss CG vs Practical Effects, the psychology of supervillains, nerd news, and Collin tells some stories.

06th Jul
Episode 109