Episode 129 – Conner Marx & Trin Miller

Curtis is joined by Conner Marx and rejoined by Trin Miller to discuss Conner's acting career, Trin's Anne of Green Gables Fanfic, and Conner's new movie coming out next year called If There's a Hell Below. Follow Conner on twitter @Conner_Marx. Follow If There's a Hell Below on twitter @HellBelow_. Follow Trin Miller on twitter @TrinMiller. Follow Douggie on twitter @ThePotatoPope.

23rd Nov
Episode 129

Comic Pulls – November 19, 2014

Inane News + Comic Pulls

19th Nov
Comic Pull

Episode 128 – Ringo’s Inane All-Starrs

In which the guys talk Supergroups, theater stories, personality types, and review Snowpiercer. Curtis also gets angry about people at the end.

16th Nov
Episode 128-1

Comic Pulls – November 12, 2014

The week in review, things coming up, and today's comic pulls.

12th Nov
Comic Pull

Episode 127 – Inane Hero 2

Curtis & Boet saw Big Hero 6 and give a spoiler-free review. Also adventures from Halloween, Art Shows, and Cowboys & Cthulu games.

09th Nov
Episode 127-1

Comic Pulls – November 5, 2014

Comics + Clinically Inane News!

05th Nov
Comic Pull