Absurdist History #3 – Nothing but the Truth


Some people are liars, specifically on their resumes. Boet delves in to some more notable folks who didn’t tell the whole truth about their qualifications.

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One thought on “Absurdist History #3 – Nothing but the Truth

  1. Found your show via Monster Scouts. I snooped on the profile for one of your crewmembers and it lead me to here so hi!

    This was a fascinating episode. I’m surprised this resume faking is still happening nowadays, and no one bothers to internet search or make a few calls. For a few sidestories, I’ve know two people who’ve encountered resume fakers.

    A colleague graduated from the same uni I did but back in the 70’s. Back then, the uni had all sorts of niche programs. One was equestrian studies as a zoology course. The instructor was from the UK and had taught there and had all sorts of credentials. My colleague said the course was well run, and the instructor was great at her job. An enjoyable class all around. It only ran for a few years. After my colleague had graduated and after the instructor had left, the uni somehow found out all her credentials were faked. The instructor had never graduated from the uni she claimed she had a degree from and had not taught for years in the UK.

    A more disastrous one was a dentist with a fake degree who lied about their backstory. A colleague and her husband were patients but thankfully only had cleanings and checkups done. The dentist messed up royally on some surgeries, which is how it was revealed he had little to no medical training. He was sued by patients. The guy also said he was a refugee (maybe to gain the confidence of my colleague and her partner who were also refugees) and came over when his country was in turmoil in the early 90’s. He said his wife was killed in the war. Both these facts were fabrications.

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