Comic Pulls – February 15, 2017

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Highlights from Curtis:

As my collection grows I’ve started switching from print to digital (with the exception of a few books still in print). I feel it’s important to make that delineation in my highlights from now on:


  • Batman #17 – (W) Tom King (A) David Finch – I am Bane continues as Bane plots his revenge on the Dark Knight. Distinct flashbacks to the original Knightfall, but something is different this time…


  • Wild Storm #1 – (W) Warren Ellis (A) Jon Davis-Hunt – The legendary Warren Ellis returns to DC to revisit Jim Lee’s Wild Storm for a new era. With former Clean Room artist, Jon Davis-Hunt, Wild Storm promises to be of note.

Highlights from Sarah:

  • Angel Catbird Vol. 2 – (W) Margaret Atwood (A) Johnnie Christmas – Margaret Atwood, master of speculative fiction, author of The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake moonlights as a comic book writer. It’s true! Angel Catbird is the heartfelt and beautiful proof of what happens when the women who invented pigoons creates a superhero. Volume 1 introduced Strig Feleedus to his powers, his nemesis, and the impending war between the cats and the rats. Hopefully Volume 2 introduces him to some allies.
  • Sex Criminals #16 – (W) Matt Fraction (A) Chip Zdarsky – After almost a year’s hiatus, the orgasmic crime (fighting? causing?) duo and friends return! EVEN BETTER– the XXX variant covers are back, too, and Fiona Staples is up for this week’s naughty art. A new story arc makes a great place to start reading, if you’re looking to get your feet (or whatever) wet.  

Curtis’ Full Comic Pulls List:

Sarah’s Full Comic Pulls List:

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