Comic Pulls – March 1, 2017 *ECCC 2017 Prep!*

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Highlights from Curtis:

Emerald City Comicon Recommendations:

  • Panels:
    • “Marketing (Isn’t) Magic: Promoting Your Art Without Selling Your Soul” – Friday, March 3rd, 4:15- 5:15pm, TCC 302
    • “Black Heroes Matter” – Friday, March 3rd, 5:15-6:15pm, TCC 303
    • “Seriously, What’s Up with Editors?” – Saturda,y March 4th, 12:15-1:15pm, TCC 302
    • “The Critical Hit Show! A Live RPG Comedy Experience” – Saturday, March 4th, 4-5pm, WSCC 611
    • “ECCC Charity Art Auction” (Hosted by ME!!!!) – Saturday, March 4th, 6:30-8:30pm, WSCC 604
    • “Sohmer & Lar: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Webcomics” – Sunday, March 5th, 12:15-1:15pm, TCC 302
    • “Clinically Inane LIVE” – Sunday, March 5th, 3:15-4:15pm, WSCC 617 – Podcast Zone Stage
  • Writers/Artists:
    • Clinically Inane [PZ4]
    • Gail Simone (Thu/Fri Only) [B8]
    • Kelly Sue DeConnick [J8]
    • Matt Fraction [J7]
    • Dan Slott [B7]
    • Elle Wyant & Noel Clark [F5]
    • Scott Snyder [GG4]
    • Blind Ferret Entertainment [110]
    • Danielle Corsetto & Randy Milholland [1413]
    • Espionage Cosmetics [102]
    • Little Vampires [310]
    • Optimystical Studios [637]
    • Steam Crow Monster Scouts [316]

As my collection grows I’ve started switching from print to digital (with the exception of a few books still in print). I feel it’s important to make that delineation in my highlights from now on:


  • Batman #18 – (W) Tom King (A) David Finch – Bane is back but breaking the Bat again isn’t enough. He has to break everyone else, too…
  • N/A

Highlights from Sarah:

Hi friends! Forgive the short recommendations this week– ECCC + Finals = me knocked for a loop.

Emerald City Comicon Recommendations:

  • Panels:
    • “90-Minute Milkfed Criminal Masterminds” – Friday, March 3rd, 4-5:30pm WSCC 611
    • “Black Heroes Matter” – Friday, March 3rd, 5:15-6:15pm, TCC 303
    • “Degrees of Blackness – The Varied Lives of Black Comics Creators” – Saturday, March 4th, 11am-12pm, TCC 301
    • “Embracing Body Diversity in Comics” – Saturday, March 4th, 5-6pm, TCC 302
  • Writers/Artists:
    • David F. Walker
    • Gail Simone (Thu/Fri Only)
    • Gates McFadden
    • Kelly Sue Deconnick
    • Kris Anka
    • Valentine de Landro


  • America #1 – (W) Gabby Rivera (A) Joe Quinones – The loooooooooong wait is over! America Chavez, the super-strong, flying ace, hole-in-reality-punching leader of the Ultimates finally stars in her own solo title! Which wouldn’t be too remarkable, really, except that she is also queer and Latina (a total Marvel first). Her creative team is comprised of an LGBTQ youth programs manager and Latina-centric YA novelist, and the artistic genius behind the recent Howard the Duck run. Early reports indicate the book surpasses expectations, and some nazis get punched, so I’m all in.

Curtis’ Full Comic Pulls List:

Sarah’s Full Comic Pulls List:

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