Eatables – Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Almonds

When 3:00PM rolls around, I start to get that sudden urge for a delicious chocolaty snack. This can be a huge disaster for thinking logically and choosing a healthy snack to curb my hunger. Nobody is willingly going to choose celery over those delicious donuts that your coworker brought in this morning. You may have had enough willpower to skip them and opt for your green smoothie in the morning, but at 3:00PM all bets are off!




So I wanted to make something that could not only satisfy this afternoon hunger for junky snacks with something that not only would satisfy this craving, but would also not add inches to your waistline. This recipe is super easy and awesomely portable so you can have them on hand (I use the packaging they already come in to transport to the office). These Sea Salt almonds have filling protein and fiber, chocolately goodness to quench that sweet tooth, and sea salt to give your taste buds their savory fix. It is the ultimate snack food!



2 – 3oz bars of dark chocolate
1 ½ cups almonds
Sea salt


Melt one bar of chocolate using the double boiler method. After the chocolate is melted take off of heat and stir in the second bar of chocolate until melted completely. This tempers the chocolate.

Stir the almonds into the chocolate, making sure to coat each one. Using a fork, lift the almonds out of the chocolate and gently tap the fork against the side of the bowl to release excess chocolate.

Place almonds onto a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Repeat with remaining almonds.

Sprinkle almonds with sea salt to your liking. Place the baking sheet in the refrigerator to cool and set the chocolate.

After chocolate is set put your chocolate sea salt almonds into a portable container and take them with you on the go.



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