Eatables – Stranger Things Eggo Waffle Monte Cristo Sandwich

Today we’re bringing it back to the 80s! I am in love with the new Netflix hit, Stranger Things, and can’t stop thinking about making a delicious Eggo waffle recipe that would keep Eleven eating for days. While I was only a child of the 80s for 4 years and didn’t quite make it to Goonies status until about 1995, I have always been in love with these 1980s adventure movies.


Stranger Things brought back so many memories of epic bike adventures in my small town and so many memories of delicious childhood goodies. So I thought it would be a perfect time to delve back into those delicious Eggo waffles that would more than make my inner child so happy beyond belief. This Eggo waffle sandwich is perfect for getting you ready for your dream Demogorgon adventure! The adventure awaits…­

3 Eggo Waffles
Strawberry Jam for spreading
2 slices honey ham deli meat
2 slices turkey deli meat
2 swiss cheese slices
2 large eggs
1/4 cup milk


Toast the waffles in a toaster, according to package directions. Set aside.

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Spray with cooking spray or coconut oil.

In a bowl, whisk together eggs and milk.

To make the sandwiches, stack the ingredients together by spreading one waffle with strawberry Jam and add 1 slice of cheese, 2 slices honey ham deli meat, and one more waffle. Spread jam on top of that waffle and add 1 slice of cheese and 2 slices of turkey deli meat. Place another waffle on top to make one stacked sandwich.

Carefully dip sandwich in the egg batter. Don’t be afraid to use your hands to hold the sandwich together. Getting messy is the fun part! Place on the warmed skillet and cook 1 to 2 minutes, or until slightly browned. Flip onto the other side and cook until cheese is melted.

Now you’re ready to enjoy and take on the Demogorgon!



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