Episode 259 – Cinnamon Infused


The guys discuss a myriad of topics this week, from Facebook to healthcare to bad cinnamon whiskey. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

One thought on “Episode 259 – Cinnamon Infused

  1. Cinnamon cola sounds awesome. I’ve had mocha with a kick of chili and look forward to trying mango with chili. I hope Canada gets cinnamon cola someday.

    Stories about the States’s healthcare make me think about my own childhood illnesses, fear for my friends in the States, and make me grateful I’m in Canada. I often got sick; I recall taking so many types of medication and many x-rays. The worst was when I was six and had severe pneumonia, which almost killed me. If my parents lived in the States, their life savings would’ve been wiped out by my health issues and they may have even gone into debt. My father would not have been able to finish uni.
    And my mother and I would not qualify for healthcare coverage with the new bill. We’re both anemic.

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