Episode 3 – Strongman Zack McCarley


Episode 3 Cover

In this episode we sit down with Professional Strongman Zack McCarley to talk about, well, being strong! Also – Antiques Roadshow, Spider-Man paints a house, and we hear another story from Boet’s encounters with the police! As always – The Podcast is at the Top of the post as well as available on iTunes by Clicking Here, as per usual, [EXPLICIT]

P.S. You may notice the podcast sounds INSANELY better. That’s because I was able to pick up a new microphone this weekend after meeting someone at BJ Shea’s Comedy Riot in Seattle who won the Nerdist drawing that included a Blue Yeti Mic. She had no reason to use the mic itself, so she sold it to me for a FAR lower price than it’s listed at. So, THANKS KELLIE!





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