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Brand New


Brand+NewOriginally from Long Island, NY, Brand New is currently made up of Jesse Lacey (vocals, guitar), Vincent Accardi (guitar, vocals), Gerrett Tierney (bass), Brian Lane (drums), and Derrick Sherman (guitar, keyboard). Previous to Brand New – Lacey, Tierney, and Lane were all members of the band The Rookie Lot throughout the 90s. In 2000 they split off and formed Brand New and were almost immediately signed to Triple Crown Records where they released their first album Your Favorite Weapon.

In 2003 the band released the album Deja Entendu, which debuted at number 63 on the Billboard 200. The first single, “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” made a huge impact on the radio market and the music video features a pre-G4 Alison Haislip. Shortly after their song “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades” was equally impactful on the radio and MTV markets. The album was good enough to get them on tours with the likes of Senses Fail, Thrice, Fall Out Boy, and Flogging Molly. They were also featured as an act to watch in Rolling Stone’s annual “Hot Issue.”

In 2005, following the band’s signing with major label Interscope, they stopped touring to work on their new album. There was a great deal of radio silence until 2006 when nine untitled demos were leaked on the internet. In November of 2006 the band finally released their third album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me and hit 21 on Billboard.

In 2009 the band self-released their fourth album on Interscope entitled Daisy. Since then they have toured and are unsure whether or not Daisy will be their final album as a band, but Lacey has stated that he seriously doubts it will be the last of Brand New.



My Opinion

I’ve been listening to Brand New for 10 years now. 15 year-old Curtis loved Deja Entendu, 18 year-old Curtis was obsessed with The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, and now 25 year-old Curtis cannot stop listening to Daisy. That’s the whole point of the post this week is because the one album that has been on repeat consistently for the past 5 days has been Daisy.

They’re all fantastic albums. Deja Entendu really resonated with me as an angsty teen, but I can still revisit it and feel good about my music choices 10 years ago. The Devil and God is a great album from beginning to end. It’s one of those albums that you can listen to without skipping a track. As far as Daisy goes, I actually hadn’t heard about it until late 2011 when my buddy Colton discovered I liked Brand New and asked me what I thought of it. I had been missing out.

Daisy is such a far departure from the previous album, which was a departure from the first. It’s so impressive that they can just keep evolving their sound without actually changing any band members. The album is strange, conceptual, and willing to punch you in the stomach. Be prepared, the first song “Vices” will catch you off-guard. I love this band so, so much.


Curtis is going to be looking for more music to include every week on this, so if you feel there’s something that people NEED to hear then let him know in the comments or on the Facebook page. It will be listened to and possibly make it in to a future post.

Want to go back and relive all of Turntable thus far? Well Curtis has cobbled together (chronologically) the entire run on Spotify. The playlist is available here:

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