Turntable – Bumbershoot 2013

Bumbershoot 2013

As I’m sure many people know, I’ll be attending Bumbershoot again this year. It’s one of my favorite times of the year because I can go to a music festival, watch some of my favorite bands & find some new ones, and then sleep in my own bed instead of in a campground. It’s delightful. I figured I would share with you the bands that I’m most excited for that you may not have heard of / forgot existed. In no particular order, they are as follows with the descriptions from the Bumbershoot website.


Alt-Rock Electronica / Monday, September 2 @ 2pm – Mainstage (Key Arena)

Even before the release of their debut single, favorable comparisons came quickly for the British quartet alt-J, with their music described as “Nick Drake meets gangsta rap,” and likened to In Rainbows-era Radiohead. Veering wildly from psychedelic avant-pop to skeletal folktronica, alt-J’s sound highlights understated beauty one minute and epic oddities the next, tackling everything from bullfighting to the heroic life of 1930s war photographer Gerda Taro. Winning the coveted British Mercury Prize in 2012 and appearing on the soundtrack to the Oscar-winning film Silver Linings Playbook propelled alt-J’s career to new heights, helping them gain a wide international following.

Crystal Castles

Electronica / Saturday, August 31 @ 10pm – TuneIn Stage

Mixing icy synth-pop with white-hot noise, Crystal Castles have raised eyebrows and gathered a devoted fanbase by turning their experimental electronic outings into chaotic and cathartic live performances. With a litany of hair-raising international festival appearances under their belt, these Canadians are proof that poetic musings can be ferocious and compelling.

The Breeders

Alternative Rock / Sunday, September 1 @ 8pm – TuneIn Stage

The Breeders played their first show together on June 19th, 1992, in a snooker hall behind the Warrington Rugby Club near Manchester, England. Two days later, they supported Nirvana in Dublin and Belfast, subsequently playing the legendary Glastonbury Festival. Their sophomore album, Last Splash, propelled largely by the single “Cannonball” and tethered by an impressively experimental range of styles and tones, is now widely recognized as one of the definitive recordings of the post-punk era. This year, 4AD released LSXX, a deluxe anniversary edition of Last Splash, which the band will be performing in its entirety at Bumbershoot.


Folk Rock / Monday, September 2 @ 2:45pm – Starbucks Stage

Since the release of her first EP in 2007, singer-songwriter Lissie has racked up an impressive and eclectic list of accolades—she was personally selected to open for Lenny Kravitz in 2008, had a song co-written with Morgan Page and remixed by Deadmau5 nominated for a Grammy, was Paste‘s “Best New Solo Artist” in 2010 and had her track “When I’m Alone” chosen by iTunes UK as their 2010 song of the year. Sharp, soulful and hardly predictable, she continues to win over audiences and critics alike.


Hip Hop / Monday, September 2 @ 6:45pm – TuneIn Stage

Seattle-based hip hop artist Sol’s understated lyrics, exuberant performances, and diverse instrumentation have solidified him as one of the leaders of the Northwest music scene. 2012 marked a transcendent year for his career, starting with the release of his highly-anticipated self-released album, Yours Truly, which quickly rose to number one on the iTunes hip hop chart. Following a West Coast tour and performances before raucous crowds in his hometown of Seattle, Sol left the United States on a ten month globe-trotting hiatus as part of the Bonderman Honors Travel Fellowship awarded to him by the University of Washington. Now, Sol returns to the States, rejuvenated and ready to take his career to the next level.

Ayron Jones & The Way

Blues Rock / Sunday, September 1 @ 12pm – Starbucks Stage

Formed in Seattle just over three years ago, Ayron Jones and the Way blend alternative rock, punk, blues, hip hop, and soul, punching out an emotional body of work with a memorable twist. Self-described as “Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Nirvana,” the trio is currently recording their debut album with Sir Mix-A-Lot.


Rock / Sunday, September 1 @ 2:45pm – TuneIn Stage

With a slacker-themed debut album chock-full of skate-punk anthems and an irreverent acronym for a name, So Cal party-rockers FIDLAR crashed onto the national and international scene late last year. While the band’s music and image evoke a devil-may-care attitude, their tireless DIY ethic and non-stop energy ensure that they’re more than just a flash in the pan.

Curtis is going to be looking for more music to include every week on this, so if you feel there’s something that people NEED to hear then let him know in the comments or on the Facebook page. It will be listened to and possibly make it in to a future post.

Want to go back and relive all of Turntable thus far? Well Curtis has cobbled together (chronologically) the entire run on Spotify. The playlist is available here:

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